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Saturday morning things

Richard Durrett has an item up this morning about Michael Young being named the MLB Marvin Miller Man of the Year.  And it includes an interesting note at the end of the item:

The Rangers are still waiting to get permission from the Brewers to talk to Mike Maddux about the pitching coach vacancy.

The Maddux situation, it appears, is in limbo until Doug Melvin hires a manager, who will (one would assume) have a major say in whether or not Maddux is given permission to talk to the Rangers.  If the new manager wants to keep Maddux, he likely won't be given permission.  If the new manager has his own person he wants to bring in, Maddux will get to talk to Texas.

And I'm guessing, at this point, that Maddux is the top choice right now for the job.  He has the Nolan Ryan connection -- he was the pitching coach for Ryan's Round Rock team before going to Milwaukee -- and is generally pretty well regarded.