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Mike Maddux -- the plot thickens

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A story out of Milwaukee on the Mike Maddux situation:

As we wait for the World Series to end so the Brewers can name Ken Macha as their new manager, I'm hearing that Macha might have to find a new pitching coach.

The Texas Rangers are very interested in hiring Mike Maddux as their new pitching coach and there is a definite connection for him there. Texas recently named Jackie Moore as their bench coach, and Moore was the manager at Class AAA Round Rock when the Brewers plucked Maddux off his coaching staff there to be their pitching coach in 2003.

Moore always spoke highly of Maddux's work there and definitely would put in a good word for him as the Rangers' new pitching coach.

I called Maddux and asked him if he had talked to the Rangers and he said the Brewers had denied permission for other clubs to talk to him because he's still under contract. Maddux confirmed that the Brewers have offered him a new contract, even though they haven't named a new manager yet.

But here's the catch: Maddux's current contract expires on Friday, which would allow him to talk to any club he wants without the Brewers' permission. And you can beat he'll be hearing from the Rangers.

I asked Maddux why he didn't accept the Brewers' new offer and he said, "I'm waiting to see who the manager will be."

But Maddux is well aware that it's going to be Macha, so he could accept the offer on that basis. Maddux moved his home to Milwaukee and noted "I like it in Milwaukee," but if the Rangers come hard after him, it wouldn't surprise me if he leaves. Maddux has no real connection to Macha.

So, that would certainly help explain why the Rangers haven't made a decision on a pitching coach yet, despite having been denied permission to talk to Maddux.  Sounds like they'll probably be talking to Maddux over the weekend or at the beginning of next week, and something should be resolved one way or the other by then.