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Rosenthal on Peterson and Maddux

Ken Rosenthal weighs in on the Ranger pitching coach situation:

One rival executive says that the Rangers' hiring of Rick Peterson as pitching coach would be "the biggest surprise of the winter," saying that Peterson and club president Nolan Ryan are "North Pole and South Pole" in their approaches.

Not necessarily.

Peterson's emphasis on conditioning and throwing strikes seemingly would fit with what Ryan wants to accomplish, and the former A's and Mets pitching coach remains a leading candidate for the Rangers.

Former Astros and Red Sox pitching coach Dave Wallace no longer is a candidate with the Rangers. The Brewers' Mike Maddux would interest the Rangers, sources say, but Brewers G.M. Doug Melvin has said that he wants to retain Maddux under the team's new manager.

I'm curious as to what about Peterson's and Ryan's philosophies would conflict.

Anyway, this seems to confirm the line of thinking that has the coach being either Peterson or Maddux.