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Friday a.m. stuff

Some news of a sort this morning...

Five Rangers filed for free agency:  Milton Bradley, Hank Blalock, Jamey Wright, Ramon Vazquez, and Jason Jennings.  Blalock, of course, will be back off the market if (when?) the Rangers exercise his 2009 option. 

Evan Grant has some quotes from Jon Daniels indicating that he understands that Bradley will want to test the market and see what is out there, given his desire for a multi-year deal.  I would be surprised if the Rangers were willing to go more than one year on him, and if he is, in fact, a Type A free agent, he'd garner two draft picks if he left.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers are still waiting on Mike Maddux before they name a pitching coach.  He also says the Rangers have gotten trade interest from the Mariners and the Giants vis-a-vis Hank Blalock.  Both could use a first baseman, but neither seems likely to give up much for Blalock.

Doug Melvin says he's "pretty confident" Maddux will be back with the Brewers.