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Sunday a.m. things

Well, so much for that BoSox/Cubs World Series.

Ken Davidoff says that Ron Washington is on the hot seat, because Nolan Ryan isn't going to tolerate much more mediocrity. 

The Detroit Free Press says that the Tigers will talk to the Rangers about acquiring a shortstop and a catcher.  The F-P says that the Tigers have had interest in Joaquin Arias in the past, and of course, they need a long-term solution behind the plate, although the article quotes Jim Leyland as saying that Detroit needs an experienced catcher, which would make Gerald Laird the obvious choice. 

The Rangers are going to want starting pitching, and someone to keep in mind is Jeremy Bonderman, who the Rangers have supposedly really liked for a while, and tried to land a couple of offseasons ago.  Clearly, a Laird and Arias package wouldn't get you Bonderman, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers targeted him.  There aren't a lot of other real appealing choices over there...Justin Verlander is going to be untouchable, Nate Robertson isn't good, Dontrelle Willis is a disaster, and Armando Galarraga is (I think) a fluke, rather than a quality starter going forward.

There are a couple of recent mentions in the Boston press about Jarrod Saltalamacchia.  In a Q&A, Nick Cafardo says the BoSox like Saltalamacchia, in response to a question from a reader about whether they'd go get him, but suggests it would cost someone like Michael Bowden or Daniel Bard.  Bowden, I'm not all that fired up about, and if the Rangers can't get anything better than Bard -- a 23 year old relief prospect who BA has as #9 in the Eastern League this year, after a disastrous 2007 -- I'd be inclined to just hang on to Salty.

The Sunday Boston Globe also says the BoSox will likely look to add a young catcher like Saltalamacchia or Kelly Shoppach, who, ironically enough, was a BoSox draft pick dealt (with Andy Marte) for Coco Crisp a couple of years ago.  Shoppach is also the same age as Gerald Laird, which makes him a different type of "young" than Salty.

The San Francisco Examiner talks about the possibility of the Giants dealing for Hank Blalock to play third base.  The Giants have supposedly had interest in Blalock for some time, although I don't know that anyone should really count on Blalock as a third baseman from now on, and I can't imagine San Fran would deal anything significant for him at this point.