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One more reason to hate the ChiSox

There are many reasons to hate the ChiSox.  Their manager.  Their ace pitcher, who claimed he got shelled at TBIA because the Rangers were stealing signs.  Their jackass catcher.  Their jackass 1B/OF they imported from the A's.  The fact that they named their park after one of the most douchebaggy owners in baseball history, a guy whose parsimony was a significant factor in setting in motion the Black Sox scandal.

But here's another one...their owner, Jerry Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf led the charge, in 1989, to keep Eddie Gaylord from buying the Rangers from Eddie Chiles.  Gaylord owned KTVT at the time, and there was a belief that Gaylord would turn KTVT into a "superstation" and use that to fuel national interest in the Rangers (whose every game would then be televised nationally), like Ted Turner had done with WTBS and the Braves. 

I realize this sounds like a bad joke to those of you who are under about 25, but it is the truth.  Reinsdorf was terrified of the idea that a division rival would become a deep-pocket team because of KTVT.  The irony of this didn't come fully apparent until a few years later, when WGN started televising ChiSox games.

As a result, Chiles ended up selling to a consortium backed by the money of Rusty Rose and Richard Rainwater.  These two brought the ne'er-do-well son of the then-Prez, George W. Bush, on board to be their front man.  They immediately went to work pushing for a new taxpayer-funded stadium, which resulted in TBIA being built.  Just a few yeras after it was built and opened, this group flipped the team to Tom Hicks for a healthy profit.  An $86 million investment in 1989 was sold in 1999 for $250 million, an average annual return of 11% (before factoring in profits or losses on the operations during that period).

And Bush, of course, ended up using his role with the Rangers as a springboard for running for governor of Texas, which he then used as a platform to run for President in 2000.

So...thanks to Jerry Reinsdorf leading the charge to sink Gaylord's bid to buy the Rangers, we have been stuck with 8 years of George W. in the White House, and 10 years of Tom Hicks owning the Rangers.