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Saturday morning things

I was working on this morning's blog post, and then I had some sort of browser issue and lost all my stuff.

I don't feel like re-doing the whole thing, so I'll just summarize:

T.R. Sullivan has an article up on what Jon Daniels will be looking for at the g.m. meetings next week.

No news yet on Mike Maddux.  Expect this to get resolved in the next few days.

Per a story in a Cleveland paper, the Rangers rejected a Salty for Olsen deal (sensibly), but remain interested in Olsen and possibly Kevin Gregg.

I would make Joe Sheehan's proposed Blalock/Salty/Andrus/Poveda for Liriano deal, but doubt the Twins would, and his suggestion to move Brian Roberts -- an okay at best defensive 2B -- to shortstop so the Orioles can add Ray Durham or Mark Grudzelanik is ridiculous.

Milton Bradley is a Type B free agent.