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New T.R. Sullivan mailbag up

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag up...

Various and sundry things involving free agent pitching targets and the DH situation, along with this Q&A that jumped out at me:

What are the chances of getting Garrett Atkins from the Rockies? Do you think he would be a good fit?
-- Steve D., Red River, N.M.

He would be a great fit for the Rangers. Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz and Elvis Andrus would be a great fit for the Rockies.

This confused me...if the Rockies' asking price for Atkins (a poor defensive third baseman with pedestrian offensive numbers who is a free agent after 2010) is Holland, Feliz, and Andrus, then someone in Colorado must be delusional.

If not, then I'm not sure what the Holland/Feliz/Andrus comment is in reference to.