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Monday night linkaliciousness

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Jeff Wilson has some bloggy notes up at the S-T blog...Joaquin Arias's shoulder is stronger, Jamey Wright isn't a top priority to bring back, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia didn't upset anyone with his comments about the BoSox.

Want to feel good about the future?  Read some comments from Joe Sheehan on the guys he saw in Arizona recently:

I saw Smoak just once, actually for Peoria, which picked him up in a trade. Yeah, trades in the AFL... who knew? Like Wieters, he just looked better than the league, and I flashed back to seeing Mark Teixeira in my first AFL trip in 2002. That seemed too easy—two switch-hitting first basemen in Rangers uniforms—but the comp was more about how they looked at the plate and in the field. No, I don't know where Jason Castro was.

* * *

The Rangers' Julio Borbon worked deep counts and is very fast; if the patience is real he could be huge for them.

At AN, Blez loves the Matt Holliday trade.

Supposedly, the Rockies are looking at flipping Street. 

Edinson Volquez was 4th in the N.L. ROY balloting this year.  Why wasn't he higher?  Because, well...he wasn't a rookie. 

Last week, Evan Grant dissented from Rob Neyer's take that Michael Young didn't deserve the Gold Glove.  Today, Rob Neyer responds to Grant.

A catcher is angry that he lost is starting job to Rod Barajas after getting injured, and calls out his g.m.  And no, it isn't Gerald Laird (this time).