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Some Tuesday night linkaliciousness

The Transaction Oracle weighs in on the Holliday trade and the Olsen trade.   Joe Sheehan thinks the Holliday deal was great for the A's.

T.R. Sullivan has some blog notes up.  He thinks that Taylor Teagarden is the catcher the Rangers want to keep, Kevin Gregg is a possible fit as a trade target, and Michael Young deserved the Gold Glove (although not for being the best defensive shortstop in the A.L. -- Sullivan says that's Orlando Cabrera).

Kevin Goldstein has a chat session up.  In case you didn't know already, he's a fan of the Ranger farm system.

Hans Moleman is glad to know that there's now precedent for him getting paid.

BTB looks at team defenses over the past five years.  You'll be shocked to know that the Rangers weren't last, although they were close.  And there's a gratuitous POTF shot from the author in there.

Ken Rosenthal has some various notes up, including talk about whether J.J. Hardy is going to get moved and the Peavy sweepstakes (for those who want to rev either of those bandwagons back up)...