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Saturday morning stuff

Mike Maddux arrived yesterday, and there is some buzz this morning about what he means for the Rangers...

Evan Grant says Maddux's approach is less about the mechanics and more about the mental side of pitching, with Jon Daniels says that Maddux is more "tactician than technician."  This is, apparently, a significant break from the previous regime.

Mike Hindman also has a lengthy write-up on Maddux and his arrival at the DMN Rangers blog.

Nolan Ryan says that the payroll will be in the $65-75 million range, and they haven't decided if they'll raise individual game ticket prices (although season ticket prices are going up a little).  So, basically, the Rangers will have the same payroll they've had in the past, and aren't going to add anyone significant (salary-wise) unless they move someone already here (either Millwood, Padilla, or Blalock, since those are the high salary guys who could conceivably be moved).

Over at the Boston Globe, there's a mailbag column up that talks about Boston's interest in Taylor Teagarden and Jarrod Saltalamacchia heating up, with the Red Sox being less interested in Gerald Laird because, the writer says, of some pitchers not liking to throw to him.

The site talks about the Astros being interested in one of the Rangers' young catchers, but given the dearth of prospects in the system or available young major leaguers, I'm at a loss as to what sort of package the Astros could offer to get anyone.