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Wednesday a.m. things

So, yeah, Dustin Pedroia won the MVP yesterday.  In the SBNation MVP balloting, I had Grady Sizemore first, but Pedroia was second, so that seems reasonable to me.

Evan Grant left Pedroia off his ballot altogether, which he says was probably a mistake.  Grant had Kevin Youkilis as the MVP, which is defensible, but then has K-Rod and Justin Morneau second and third, which is...weird.  K-Rod wasn't the best reliever in the A.L. last year, and Morneau wasn't the best player on his team.

Jeff Wilson had Pedroia as the MVP, but then he had Morneau second.  Ken Rosenthal mentioned yesterday that he thought Morneau deserved the MVP.  I don't get all the Morneau love.