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The SBNation AL MVP vote

I've been remiss in not posting the SBNation award balloting stuff in connection with the awards.  But I wanted to be sure and link BTB's post on the AL MVP that includes the SBNation ballot results.

The SBNation A.L. bloggers had Dustin Pedroia as the runaway winner, with Mauer, Sizemore, Youkilis, and ARod clumped together as 2-3-4-5.  Weirdly, 5 people had Sizemore at #1 (the same as had Pedroia), but 5 people left him off altogether.

My ballot:

  1. Grady Sizemore
  2. Dustin Pedroia
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Cliff Lee
  5. Joe Mauer
  6. Josh Hamilton
  7. Carlos Quentin
  8. Curtis Granderson
  9. Kevin Youkilis
  10. Ian Kinsler

For those who are interested, I went Lee/Halladay/Mussina on Cy Young, and Longoria/Aviles/Davis on ROY.