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Sunday morning things

The g.m. meetings kick off next week, and Evan Grant says that Jon Daniels will be looking to swap one of his catchers for a starting pitcher.  Grant identifies Boston, Milwaukee and Cincinnati as the most likely partners who need catching and can part with some pitching.

Jim Reeves says that Mike Maddux is the top candidate for the Ranger pitching coach job, with an announcement on the new coach coming as soon as Monday, and quotes someone "close to the situation" as saying that, with Jackie Moore in the clubhouse, Nolan Ryan now has someone to "watch his back" down there.  Not sure what that means, exactly...

Marty Lurie says that Boston is going to try to get Jason Varitek's replacement from Texas, and also suggests that Bobby Abreu could be a fit in Texas if Milton Bradley leaves.

I liked the idea of Abreu a couple of years ago, but now, I don't see the point of adding another lefty-hitting COF/DH type.

Ken Davidoff says the BoSox are looking at Jarrod Saltalamacchia to replace Jason Varitek. 

A story in the Chicago Tribune says that the Marlins are also interested in Saltalamacchia, while the Rangers are interested in Scott Olsen and Kevin Gregg from Florida.  That story says a deal could come down as early as this coming week.