19 year old commits suicide

8 This is totally Off topic but I came across this article on Supposedly he was bullied by people over the internet which led to his suicide. Not saying anyone on this site has problems, but someone could have a rough life, and comes to this site because they have no where else to go and likes the comfort. When people harass or bully people on here, it kinda worries me now. Because everyone whose a member of this site is a real life person, and words can affect people. I just hope all this making fun of people and embarrassing others calms down. People are entitled to their own opinion, so even if its wrong or you disagree, you don't have to bring that person down. I know most of it is fun and games, but some of tthe stuff I read on here is kinda disturbing. PS: Im a young, happy, and healthy guy lol. I love my life. So this has nothing to deal with me lol