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Wednesday a.m. things

Evan Grant reports that the Rangers will have a group of young pitchers report this week for the team's first ever "conditioning camp."  Grant also notes that the Rangers have interest in Boston's Michael Bowden and Clay Buchholz, and are having Jose Vallejo play some shortstop in winter ball.

Grant also has some blog notes up, in which he mentions that the Marlins probably have more attractive Scott Olsen offers than what the Rangers are willing to deal to land him.

The Miami Herald says the Marlins are interested in Max Ramirez.

Jeff Wilson has some Rangers notes up as well, saying that Milton Bradley's agent will meet with the Rangers this week, but that Bradley is expected to test the free agent market and see what is out there.  Wilson also has a few notes on Jim Colburn going to Japan to look at the free agents who are available over there.