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Thursday afternoon linkaliciousness

A lot of things out there to point you towards...

BP has the Internet Baseball Awards can see the A.L. results here, and the N.L. results here.  The Rangers had a decent showing in the MVP balloting, and had someone finish in the top 10 in the ROY balloting (although it wasn't David Murphy, so get your torches and pitchforks)...

Keith Law has a chat session up that is chock full of Rangers stuff...he loves him some Feliz, and says Martin Perez has more upside than Derek Holland, among other things.

Scott Boras -- agent for Oliver Perez -- has a packet he's circulating, calling Oliver Perez one of the five best lefty starters in the game.  Rob Neyer examines that claim, and thinks that -- shockingly enough -- Boras is puffing a bit.

Over at THT, Victor Wang looks at what Jake Peavy's trade value really is

David Pinto has the 2008 PMRs up for shortstops, with Michael Young grading out as slightly above average this year.  I generally think that PMR and +/- are the best of the fielding metrics out there, mainly because they work off of individual play by play data that takes into account the type of ball that is in play. 

Brian Sabean says Matt Cain is untouchable.  Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson are apparently also in that category. 

Jim Callis also had a chat session this week...he has Feliz ahead of Porcello...