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Does anyone else get a queasy feeling when someone says, "How about if we trade Chris Davis for..."?

He's the one guy for me right now that, for whatever reason, I really don't want to see dealt.

I'd rather hear talk of trading Josh Hamilton or Ian Kinsler.  Or Neftali Feliz or Derek Holland.  Or Engel Beltre or Elvis Andrus.

I think Davis is just my trade kryptonite right now.  Anytime I see his name mentioned, I just lock up, and it doesn't matter what the rest of the comment is, my brain freezes and I can't process it.  It is just an automatic "no, I don't want to trade Chris Davis."

I don't even think there's any particular logic behind it, really, for me.

For whatever reason, that's the one guy I don't want to see the Rangers trade.  For whatever reason.