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Saturday a.m. stuff

As noted last night, Hank Blalock's option has been picked up, and Jon Daniels says he'll mostly play DH or 1B.

The DH part of it suggests the team isn't optimistic about Milton Bradley coming back.  Still, I wouldn't be shocked if Bradley ended up accepting arbitration, because there aren't just a ton of teams out there who are going to want to give a multi-year deal to a DH with a history of injury issues.

If that happens, then I imagine you'll see Davis at 3B, Blalock at 1B, and Bradley at DH, for so long as Blalock and Bradley both remain healthy, unless Blalock ends up getting moved.

Jim Reeves calls the decision the Rangers have to make on their catching situation, and who they are going to move, a "make or break" deal for Jon Daniels.  Says Reeves, "With club president Nolan Ryan looking over his shoulder now, Daniels cannot afford another stumble at this point."

Bless You Boys talks about the possibility landing Gerald Laird, and speculates on a Bonderman for Laird or Robertson for Laird deal.  I'd be all over a Bonderman for Laird deal, but want no part of Robertson.