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Posnanski on the GG and Fielding Bible Awards

I was going to stop talking about the gold glove picks, and in particular, Michael Young, but I saw this item and figured I'd make one last post.

Joe Posnanski, who is one of the balloters for the Fielding Bible Awards (and who is also one of the better baseball writers out there, I think) compares the FB Awards with the GG Awards and offers some commentary.

His take on the A.L. shortstop pick:

The Michael Young thing is, as mentioned, beyond explanation. He did not finish in the Top 10 in the Bible voting, and it’s worth pointing out again that I had never spoken to anyone in baseball who thought Young was a good defensive shortstop. This one just came out of nowhere*.

I thought this was worth mentioning because Posnanski has been (from what I've read of him) pretty level-headed and objective, but also because he debunks the argument that, well, the stat nerds who don't watch the game don't like him, but the managers, coaches, etc. all think he's great.

Maybe Posnanski just doesn't talk to anyone, or doesn't talk to the right people.  But it seems pretty meaningful, to me, for someone like him to say point blank that he's never talked to anyone in the game who felt the GG winner was a good defensive shortstop.

Now, I'm done talking about it.  Seriously.