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Players being non-tendered

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Evan Grant reports the Rangers have non-tendered Doug Mathis, although they hope to re-sign him as a minor league free agent.  No word on Willie Eyre and whether he was tendered a contract.  Willie Eyre was tendered a contract.  So much for my tricksy Rangerses theory.

Names of players around the majors who have been non-tendered are dribbling in, and thusfar include:

Willy Taveras

Jonny Gomes

Takashi Saito

Yhency Brazoban

Angel Berroa

Scott Proctor

Chuck James

Tim Redding

Chris Capuano

Ty Wigginton

Clay Hensley

I shall add more names as I see them.

The Rangers are looking for a righty-hitting DH, supposedly, and I'd be interested in taking a look at Gomes, who looked like a stud in the making as a rookie in 2005, and has struggled since.

And I'm sure they'll touch base with Wigginton, although I'm betting he's going to end up with a 2-3 year deal at $5 million or so per year.