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OT -- A blog you might want to check out

 In the category of "things I've been meaning to mention but haven't"...

Those of you who ever read the NMLR forums may be familiar with Michael Hodson, an Arkansas lawyer and Ranger fan (not to be confused with Brian P. Hayes, also an Arkansas lawyer and Ranger fan).

Hodson has recently decided to...well, I'll just quote the heading of his blog:

Starting December 15, 2008, I'm taking a year off to travel around the world, with two rules: no planes and no reservations. The planned route is due south from Arkansas, through Central America and the west side of South America. Over to Argentina, boat to South Africa, and up the east side of Africa. Though the Middle East, boat to SE Asia, then Australia, New Zealand and the three week boat ride home. Come join me on my trip -- and tell your friends.

Mike is writing about it as he goes, with regular updates at  Some interesting stuff, and I figured folks here might be interested in checking it out.