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Saturday a.m. things

Actually a few tidbits out there today...

Richard Durrett says that the Rangers haven't made an offer to Ben Sheets, although he suspects that they ultimately will.  Durrett explains that the Rangers are in wait-and-see mode while they see how the market shakes out, but he also says Sheets is a "long shot" to sign here.

Meanwhile, Randy Johnson has signed a one year deal with the San Francisco Giants.  So much for his relationship with Nolan Ryan getting him to leave the left coast.  The Rangers, apparently, never made an offer to Johnson.

The Boston Globe talks about the BoSox moving on to Plan B after losing out on Mark Teixeira, with their ongoing pursuit of a catcher (in particular, Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Taylor Teagarden) and a fourth outfielder being a priority.  One would like to think that one of the catchers could be packaged with Marlon Byrd, who would seem to be a great fit for Boston as a 4th outfielder, to get a better return.

And Driveline Mechanics offers a detailed breakdown of Justin Smoak's swing, with a positive overall take, and compares him (production wise) to Lyle Overbay.