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Monday a.m. things

Ah, finally some news...even if it is news that makes me a little sad...

Gerald Laird has been traded to the Tigers.  Not unexpected, but still...

He'll go there and take over as the everyday catcher. 

The return for the Rangers is, I think, a little underwhelming.  Guillermo Moscoso and Carlos Melo, both pitchers, Moscoso being 25 and close to major league ready, Melo being 17 and not yet having pitched in the States. 

Melo has an intriguing profile, and signed for $165,000 in 2007 (which, if I'm not mistaken, is a not insubstantial amount for a Latin America signee).  Moscoso has a nice fastball and seems to profile as a nice reliever, although his poor performance in winter ball has been blamed on pitching out fo the pen (which he supposedly doesn't like).

Okay return, I guess.  Moscoso will probably be in the mix for a job on the major leauge staff in 2009, either in the pen or in the rotation, and Melo is a lottery ticket.