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Friday a.m. stuff

Some Rangers stuff today...

Nolan Ryan says he's interested in the team president job, and that he's going to talk to Hicks about the position soon...

Kevin Sherrington, meanwhile, claims that this is just a sop to placate the fans, and goes on to say, in essence, the team sucks and Tom Hicks is cheap because they didn't get Johan Santana:

So where were the Rangers when the Twins made him available this winter?

Only the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox were considered players in the Santana sweepstakes. When the Yankees pulled out, so did the Red Sox. The Mets got him this week for four prospects, pending a new contract.

As it turns out, the Rangers did, indeed, pester Minnesota this winter. But the Twins worried that the Rangers couldn't finalize the deal by signing him, which, as the Mets are learning, won't be easy.

Still, Santana is worth it. He'd have been worth whatever the Rangers had to give up, too. No pitching prospect in the Rangers' system will rise to his level. Tom Hicks' payroll, one of the game's tightest, could have accommodated his asking price.

So, Sherrington says that the Twins didn't really get serious with the Rangers, despite the Rangers efforts. They had a guy with a no-trade clause who would only accept a deal to the right team, and who wanted an extension as part of the deal. Santana apparently wasn't interested in coming to Texas and being part of a rebuilding project, when he could go to the Mets or BoSox or Yankees.

That said...Santana would have really "been worth whatever the Rangers to give up" to get him?

If the cost is Saltalamacchia, Kinsler, Hurley, Andrus, and Feliz, is that worth it? Even if Santana would want, say, an 8 year $200 million extension, with opt out clauses after 3 and 5 years?

Look, I have been critical of Tom Hicks on spending. I think this team should have a payroll in the $80-90 million range, given its revenues. But I have a hard time with the idea that Santana would have been worth whatever it cost to bring him here, and that him ending up with the Mets is the result of penny-pinching or short-sightedness. Sherrington is usually better than this.

And T.R. Sullivan has his bloggy Friday notes up...