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Sunday a.m. things

Spring training is about to start, with pitchers and catchers reporting on Friday, and the papers have spring training previews up this morning...

Evan Grant has a piece up on improvements needed in the pitching staff, and focuses on Kevin Millwood, C.J. Wilson, and Brandon McCarthy.

Millwood's conditioning (or lack thereof) was something that lots of folks commented on last year, and Millwood has changed his regimen after meeting with Mark Connor. Connor also says that Millwood will pitch in mostly A games this year, a change from his traditional method of pitching in mostly B games in spring training.

Jeff Wilson says the team is inspired by the 2007 Colorado Rockies, a young group that shocked everyone by not only making the playoffs, but the World Series.

Gil LeBreton acknowledges that the team isn't likely to compete in 2008, but believes there may be reason for hope going forward.