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The return of Shrek

Kevin Mench is a Ranger again.

The Rangers have signed Kevin Mench to a minor league deal.

The key part? Mench has the right to opt out if he isn't on the major league roster, but not until June 1.

That tells me that, barring a major upset, either Jason Botts or Nelson Cruz should be on the 25 man roster on Opening Day, and Mench will be in AAA.

The complaint about bringing back Mench is that he takes a roster spot away from Botts or Cruz. But this deal allows the Rangers to stash Mench in AAA for the first couple of months to give them a chance to evaluate the guys on hand, while providing an insurance policy in case of injury or someone just flat sucking.

I'm guessing that you'll hear all the right things about Mench getting a fair shot at a job this spring, but I don't think that's going to happen. I think he's just a safety net to be stashed in AAA, given the lack of other viable options in the minor leagues.