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Around the Horn -- DH and Bench

T.R. Sullivan has a new Around the Horn up, talking about the Rangers' DH and bench situation.

The lead is that the Rangers are looking for a righty-hitting DH to pair with Frank Catalanotto, which annoys me somewhat because there's zero reason why Jason Botts shouldn't have that role (and realistically, why he shouldn't have the everyday DH job for the first couple of months while Cat and Byrd split time in left field).

David Murphy is mentioned as the leading candidate to be the 4th outfielder, but it wouldn't surprise me if Nelson Cruz and Jason Botts both stuck around for a month or two, given that Murphy has options remaining.

The Rangers' history of late has been, if it is close, to send down the guy who has options or who they can keep in the minors for a period of time, to maximize the number of options they have.