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Dan Burton luvs him some Rocket

I'm reading Richard Justice's liveblogging of the hearings today...

And this jumps out at me:

''Gee whiz, are you kidding me?'' Rep. Dan Burton said to McNamee at one point.

That comment seemed to rattle McNamee, who stumbled over his words after that.

''Are you lying about anything else?'' Burton asked, adding, ''So you just lie when it's conventient for you to lie?''

* * *

''This is really disgusting,'' Burton said. ''You're hear as a sworn witness yet we have lie after lie after lie. I don't know what to believe. I know one thing I don't believe. That's you!''

''Roger Clemens is a baseball titan, and with all these lies, you have destroyed him and his reputation. How can we believe you?... This kind of circus really bothers me.''