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Are you ready for some baseball (news)?

T.R. Sullivan has a lengthy piece up on the first day of camp...

A lot of talk about the pitchers being embarrassed by 2007 and wanting to improve on that performance...

Sullivan also says that the closer job is C.J. Wilson's to lose, and that A.J. Murray is emerging as a sleeper candidate for the 5th starter role...Kason Gabbard is the favorite, but Murray, Luis Mendoza, and Eric Hurley are apparently going to be in the mix, as well.

Robinson Tejeda, Kam Loe, and Josh Rupe are all being looked at solely as relievers, according to Sullivan. There are a bunch of guys in the mix for the final three bullpen slots, and Tejeda and John Rheinecker are both out of options, which would seem to give them the edge of things are close.

Wilson, Guardado, Benoit, and Fukumori are all pretty much locked in, barring injury, and along with Loe, Tejeda, Rheinecker and Rupe, you've also got Wes Littleton and Frankie Francisco, who have pitched well in a relief role for the Rangers in the recent past, Scott Feldman, and I'm sure others I'm not able to think of just this moment.

I do think this is a big spring for Frankie, who hasn't ever seemed to have come all the way back since T-J surgery sidelined him in 2005. He seemed inconsistent last year, and it took him longer than most to recover from surgery, but he should be as good now as he'll ever be. If he doesn't show the form of the old Frankie, we may just have to accept that the guy we saw in 2004 ain't coming back.