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I don't get this

From Richard Durrett:

This may seem like an obvious question to some. But a few emails this morning indicate that some of you aren't sure the Rangers should tie up Ian Kinsler this long this soon. As one person put it: "Are we sure he's our future at second base?"

This is baffling to me...I don't understand why any Ranger fan wouldn't think this is a great deal for the team.

Kinsler is young, productive, and after working with Washington has become a very accomplished defender. Even if you think that he isn't the future at second base -- and the only folks who I could imagine taking that stance are those who have gotten way too excited, way too soon, about German Duran -- this is a very team-friendly contract which is quite movable, should the team decide to go in a different direction.

If anything, I think Kinsler has more value now than he did before the contract extension, because he's now under team control for up to 2 years post-free-agency.

This is a very solid deal for the Rangers, and something that Rangers fans should be happy about.