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Trivia question

It is a major league, regulation baseball game. 3rd inning. Home team is up.

7 different batters come up to bat for the home team in the inning. The home team scores no runs in the inning. There are no substitutions or pinch hitters in the inning.

How did this happen?

Update [2008-2-22 17:26:13 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Wow, that stirred up a lot of discussion.

The answer I was looking for was given by at least one person in the comments -- the out, out, walk, walk, walk, HR, batter comes up, pitcher appeals, home run hitter didn't touch first base and is called out. There's no runs scored if the hitter didn't touch first.

I'll have to look closer at the "batting out of order" answer, and figure out if that is right or not...