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Saturday things

Yeah, it is late, and I'm just now getting around to posting today...but there are some things out there today...

Evan Grant talks about German Duran, who has a chance to stick on the roster as a utility player. Given that he hasn't played above AA, I'd probably prefer to see Duran go to AAA for at least a half season, but if he can play a little outfield and handle third base okay, he might be an ideal option for a utility job. Ramon Vazquez is okay, but he's a lefty hitter on a team that would be better served with a righthanded bench bat. zywica broached this possibility over the offseason, and it looks like Duran breaking in as a utility guy who gets semi-regular ABs -- like Mark DeRosa was -- could end up being a reality.

Grant also notes that Vicente Padilla got good reviews for his hard curveball yesterday...elbow problems last season meant Padilla was throwing those big, loopy curves that drove fans (and Victor Rojas) so nuts...

Jeff Wilson writes that Eric Hurley and Luis Mendoza are trying to force themselves into the rotation this spring. They'll probably both be in Oklahoma to start the season, but you have to believe that there's a good chance we'll see both of those guys pitching in Arlington before the season is up.

And on the DMN blog, there is footage of Kaz Fukumori's delivery.