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Sunday morning things

Evan Grant breaks down the battle in the bullpen, saying that, besides C.J. Wilson, Eddie Guardado, and Joaquin Benoit, who will be in the pen, Frankie Francisco and Kaz Fukumori are "all but certain" to be in the Opening Day bullpen.

That leaves Kam Loe, Josh Rupe, Wes Littleton, Jamey Wright, Jason Davis, Robinson Tejeda, Scott Feldman, and Franklyn German battling for two slots. T.R. Sullivan indicated earlier this week that Loe is expected to fill the middle/long man role, so it may be that the other 7 guys are vying for one spot.

Grant also has some bloggy notes up, including talk on Joaquin Benoit and Ben Harrison...

T.R. Sullivan also has some blogginess, talking about folks oohing and aahing over the show Josh Hamilton has been putting on in b.p.

Jeff Wilson talks about Kevin Mench's return to the Rangers. I don't think Mench starts the season with Texas, but I'll be real surprised if he doesn't spend some of the season in Arlington...