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Monday a.m. things

Evan Grant says the early spring focus is on defense, with the Rangers' problems last year not just too many errors, but not getting to enough balls. Jon Daniels says that upgrading the outfield defense was a priority this offseason, and if everyone is healthy, a Marlon Byrd/Josh Hamilton/Milton Bradley outfield would be one of the better defensive units around.

Grant also mentions Ian Kinsler's improvement:

While on the disabled list for a month last year, Kinsler worked two-on-one with Washington and infield instructor Art Howe daily on improving his footwork and backhand technique. Before the injury, Kinsler had a .967 fielding percentage and .804 zone rating; after, it jumped to .990 and .839.

I knew Kinsler had improved after returning from the d.l., but those numbers make it clear the improvement was pretty .839 ZR for the year would have ranked Kinsler 5th in the majors among second basemen last season...

T.R. Sullivan talks about Frank Catalanotto's new moustache, and his desire to bounce back from a sub-par 2007. Really, once Cat got back from his early season injury, he hit like you'd expect...he was sunk for the year with a miserable April (much like the team)...

Kevin Millwood? Scratched from his Friday start. Bah.

Anthony Andro talks to the Rangers players who grew up in Texas.

The S-T also has some camp notes that include Ramon Vazquez's 5 favorite clubhouses, and the story behind the Fu Manchus...