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Tuesday a.m. things

Sorry for the delay this morning...I'm sick, and have had a hectic morning at the office...

Anyway...Jeff Wilson talks about the importance of not putting too much emphasis on the box score lines for pitchers early in spring training. Brandon McCarthy says if his mechanics are good and he's throwing strikes, he doesn't care if he allows 10 runs in an early spring outing.

Of course, McCarthy won't be allowing any runs on Wednesday, when he was scheduled to start, since he's been scratched with a sore elbow. That's, ummm...not good news.

Particularly since Kevin Millwood has been scratched from his first start with a hamstring problem. Millwood doesn't think the hamstring problem is serious, but he's frustrated, because he feels like he's in good shape right now.

Meanwhile, Milton Bradley is going to sit out the first week of exhibition games. Given how big an impact the health of those three guys, in particular, is going to have on the Rangers' 2008 season, this is a bit discouraging.