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Wednesday morning things...


Evan Grant has a new newsletter up today...the intro part has been talked to death on here, but there's other good stuff in there as well, about the Rangers' current emphasis on up-the-middle defense, and the status of Milton Bradley and David Murphy (who Grant thinks could end up starting over 100 games in the outfield, in a reserve role).

Grant also has a lengthy piece on Hank Blalock up, that talks about his recovery from surgery last year and the work he did with Ron Washington to improve his defense while he was on the d.l.

The DMN's spring training report talks cars with Ian Kinsler, and indicates that Jason Jennings had a solid 12 minute bullpen session yesterday, throwing all his pitches, and the team feels good about where he is.

I've probably said this a dozen times, but still, getting the 2006 version of Jason Jennings would be huge...

Anthony Andro talks about Wes Littleton and Scott Feldman, and the trials and tribulations they went through last year as they spent the season shuttling back and forth between AAA and the majors. Both guys are vying for a spot in the big league bullpen this year, and I think Littleton has shown enough that he should be in the major league pen all season.

The Millwood and McCarthy early scratches are concerning, but Brandon McCarthy says he's not worried, because the medical staff isn't worried. Jeff Wilson reports that it is a muscular issue, which would seem to be less of a concern that if it was the elbow itself.