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It occurred to me Lastings Milledge the new Milton Bradley?

Milledge's skill set now is similar to Bradley's as a 22 year old. Milledge has a little more power, but they were both toolsy centerfielders who had a bunch of solid skills but no one signature tool that you could hang your hat on. Both dealt with injury issues and off-the-field issues.

Bradley was dealt by the Expos for a return that was considered...insufficient, from a talent standpoint. Milledge was dealt to the Nats (formerly the Expos) for an underwhelming package.

* * *

I thought of that comparison after reading this John Manuel chat session, where Manuel said, in response to a question about whether Milledge would be a stud or a bust:

Neither for Milledge; I think he'll be Ok but more of a perennial tease, kind of a tweener. I don't think the power projected for him when he was in the low minors will ever really materialize.

That screamed Bradley, to me.

The other thing that I thought about, regarding this chat...last year at this time, with a prospect chat, I could just hit Ctrl-F, type in "Hurley", hit return, and be done. Now I have to go through and read every question, because there are so many Ranger prospects who could get mentions in one of these sessions...

* * *

If you're still bummed about McCarthy and Millwood being scratched, consider this...the D-Rays have had to scratch Scott Kazmir and David Price from their first spring outings.

* * *

Bill Simmons' latest mailbag has a couple of Mavs related items I wanted to mention (although I promise I'm not going to keep mentioning the Mavs or the Kidd trade every day). First:

Maybe Devin Harris isn't an elite point guard, but he's locked up in a reasonable contract (five years, $43 million) and there's an good chance he could thrive without Avery Johnson (the biggest control freak in the league) looking over his shoulder and nitpicking everything he's doing.

zywica and I have both talked about this...but I find it interesting that you now have a national writer talking about what a control freak Avery is.

And then this:

Q: You're missing the point, OK? Jason Kidd is the fake French chick from the '80s classic "Better Off Dead," and Cusack plays the Mavs. The Finals vs. Miami were Lane Meyer getting dumped by his girlfriend, losing the drag race to the Asian Howard Cosells is the equivalent of getting upset by Golden State, and trading for Jason Kidd is the French girl moving in next door. Jason is gonna help the Mavs get that bitchin' Camaro fixed. It's not so much a personnel problem as a confidence problem with the Mavs. Yes, that are REALLY shallow at Center, but I've never seen Dampier play with more enthusiasm than he has with Kidd. I'm telling you, they'll be parking that Camaro on the infield and raising that trophy yet.
-- Rob B., Dallas

I think this analogy is the first thing that's made me feel maybe almost sort of okay about the trade.

* * *

And part of the reason for that, fwiw, is that "Better Off Dead" is one of those movies that hit the sweet spot in my personal development.

I was explaining to someone at work today that I thought "Stripes" was the perfect movie as a 13 year old boy, because it had a lot of dumb visual humor, a lot of hilarious lines (I still crack up when Psycho/Francis say, "If any of you...HO-mos touches me...I'll kill you"), and lots of titties. What more could you want?

But "Better Off Dead" is a movie I watched over and over again as a 15 and 16 year old because I related to Lane, because I was a geeky loser teen with no girlfriend, and because I felt like it encapsulated, better than any movie, what it felt like to be a geeky loser teen (at least until "Superbad," which definitely brought back some uncomfortable high school memories). So the analogy in that mailbag question speaks to me.

* * *

Also, if we are going to pursue this analogy, Mark Cuban is Curtis Armstrong. I'm just not sure if the fat neighbor is the Spurs or the Suns. Maybe he's Kobe.

* * *

It occurs to me that, if I were to go through and identify movie characters that I really identified with, Cusack's characters in "Say Anything" and "High Fidelity" are also high on the list. Maybe Cusack is my cinematic doppleganger...

* * *

Does anyone else find themselves going through the box score from a spring training game like today, and reacting to each good thing (like Josh Hamilton's line or Luis Mendoza's performance) with a, "Alright, this is a sign of things to come!", and each bad thing with a, "It doesn't matter, it is just spring training"?

* * *

The only best picture nominee I saw was "No Country For Old Men." And you know, for about 5 minutes after I got done watching that movie, I thought about getting my hair cut like Chgura's.