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Thursday a.m. stuff

Yay! A game yesterday! Even if it was just a spring training game, I like finally having some actual, you know, game performance type stuff to think about.

Much like T.R. Sullivan jumped on the Sammy Sosa bandwagon early last season, he seems to have jumped on the Kevin Mench bandwagon. He had this to say about Mench earlier this week:

Also think Kevin Mench could be the Rangers starting right fielder on Opening Day with left-hander Erik Bedard on the mound for the Mariners. He's only 21/2 years older than Jason Botts and Nelson Cruz and his career numbers are comparable to Bradley and Byrd.

If Mench could only play first base...

Sullivan also says today that Mench starting at DH yesterday "could be a sign" that he is a serious contender to be on the Opening Day roster.

Between this and last year's Sammy-philia, I have to assume Sullivan doesn't think Botts can play. The real question, though, is how much of this is Sullivan's opining and speculating, and how much is based on what the organization is telling him.

Evan Grant's game story focuses on the performances of Luis Mendoza and A.J. Murray yesterday. With the fragile nature of the Rangers' starting rotation, those two could end up being fairly important early on, since they are prime candidates to fill in should someone go down...

Tom Hicks is talking contract extension with Jon Daniels, as he indicated when Nolan Ryan came on board.

And Hicks is also working on Nolan Ryan's contract.