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BA Ranger stuff

Baseball America has their top 10 Rangers prospects write-up up, and the scouting reports have to make you feel good.

A couple of things that jump out at me...BA talks about Andrus's makeup, his desire to be a leader and his strong baseball instincts. To me, this jumps out as a contrast to the last highly touted teenage shortstop the Rangers traded for, Joaquin Arias, who reportedly went into a bit of a funk after being traded and who couldn't get healthy last year.

The other thing is on Julio Borbon, who BA compares to Johnny Damon. There had been some talk about him being another Ramon Nivar, but one of the things that BA hits on -- that I think is important -- is that Borbon has "good instincts" in center. A fast guy who doesn't have good instincts out there, who doesn't take good routes, isn't going to be a good defensive centerfielder...think, for example, Scott Podsednik, or (back in the day) Lonnie Smith. Borbon seems to be a fast guy who is also a quality defensive centerfielder, as compared to a fast guy the Rangers hope can become a quality defensive centerfielder.

Aaron Fitt will be doing a chat session at 1 p.m. Central, to talk more about the Rangers prospects.