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Thursday a.m. Nolan things

Well, there's a lot of Ranger news out there today, just about all of it Nolan Ryan related...

Evan Grant runs down some questions about the Ryan hiring, and offers answers where they are available, although certain aspects of this -- particularly how the Ryan/Daniels dynamic will work -- is still up in the air.

Grant also has a blog entry up, where he addresses at more length some of the concerns he has about this move (which are similar to the concerns I have). In particular, Grant points out that Ryan says he's got no particular philosophy in mind for the baseball operations, which leads one to wonder...if that's the case, then did Hicks just hire him because he's Nolan Ryan, without regard to what his philosophy for the team was going to be?

Tim Cowlishaw wonders what adding Ryan really does for the team, other than burnishing the franchise's image and scoring a p.r. coup.

Jim Reeves is giddy over Ryan being added, and gushes about it in his column today. The note in Reeves column that jumped out at me -- that I hadn't seen elsewhere -- is that Ryan's sons will not be joining the Rangers, but will continue to run the minor league teams that Ryan owns. In the back of my mind, I wondered if there was the possibility that Ryan would be looking to set up his sons in the Rangers front office, perhaps wanting to groom them to take over...the fact that that apparently isn't going to happen is a bit of a relief.