OT: Troll Script

Ok, so I went ahead and made a GreaseMonkey script where you can prevent the posts and diaries of certain users from showing up on your screen.  Obviously, nobody has to use this and I'm probably not going to use it for too many users (if any), but thought I would put it out there.  It's not so user friendly but I just did it in a night so if anybody wants to modify it and make it look prettier, easier to use feel free.  I'm also not really a programmer so it might not be the most efficient code.


-GreaseMonkey Add-On

-Go to the website and hit "Install this Script."
-Should automatically install the script

At this point, you'll be up and running with the script blocking all of our favorite troll's posts and diaries (no offense to him, someone had to be the default).  To add more trolls, it will take a bit more computer literacy.

-Go into GreaseMonkey->Manage User Scripts
-Click on No Troll on the left and then clock on Edit on the bottom left.
-Now it will ask you to specify an editing program so you'll have to navigate to notepad (C:\\windows\\notepad.exe) or a similar program
-This will open up the script.  Navigate half way down to the "Specify Trolls" section and enter in the information.  

I can help you with the above part but just try it out and see if it works for you.

I was thinking about it and it might mess up the flow of the board if you blocked someone and kept repeating what they said because you didn't know they had said it but I guess proceed at your own risk.  Again, putting it out there - use it if you want.