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Some linkaliciousness

Just some things to throw out there...

Richard Justice thinks the Rangers made a great hire, and thinks Nolan Ryan will be hands-off with Jon Daniels.

Evan Grant has some more notes from yesterday after the Ryan press conference, touching on, among other things, Omar Beltre and the efforts by the Rangers to get successful former players involved with the team...

Rob Neyer talks about the best five catchers of the next five years, and has Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the mix at the #5 spot...

Curt Schilling is out until the ASB, maybe longer, with a partial rotator cuff tear...and when you are 41 and have a tear in your rotator cuff, your team probably shouldn't be counting on you for much of anything.

Erik Bedard boarded a flight for Seattle this morning, and is supposed to be given a physical this afternoon, which should be the final piece before the Baltimore/Mariners deal can be announced tomorrow.

And lost in the Ryan stuff from yesteday is T.R. Sullivan's Around the Horn piece on the Ranger relievers.