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Heyman on Ethier and the Rangers

Jon Heyman's latest notes column has this item on Andre Ethier and the Rangers:

Texas tried hard to trade for Ethier last summer when the two clubs were talking about Mark Teixeira, and the Rangers tried hard again this winter after the Dodgers signed Jones. But the Dodgers said no. Maybe they don't want to see him bat 500 times elsewhere.

I'd really like to see Ethier here, although my guess is that the Dodgers aren't a good fit with the Rangers. If they deal Ethier, they are going to want to get someone who can help them now, maybe bullpen help.

There was also this quote, that made me laugh:

One NL scout said he's been very impressed with Scott Podsednik in Rockies camp so far. "He looks like the player he was two years ago,'' the scout said.

Two years ago, Podsednik had a 683 OPS and was successful stealing less than 70% of the time.