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Keith Law with some Hamilton love

Keith Law has some notes on some Rangers from spring training...

Josh Hamilton murders fastballs. He took the first pitch he saw, a 92-mph fastball from Gavin Floyd, out to center field, and his other two hits were also smoked. Hamilton isn't just a fastball hitter, but at the least, pitchers need to work him away with offspeed stuff, because throwing him a fastball in or near the zone is asking for trouble.

* * *

Kazuo Fukumori worked a short inning, showing an 89-91 mph fastball with some downhill plane and a "shuuto" at 85-86 mph with a solid late break that's more vertical than horizontal, making it almost like a splitter with a little cut. He has some effort to his delivery, and I don't see plus fastball command. But if he stays on top of the ball and can mix in the shuuto, he should be effective.

I'm really getting excited about Josh Hamilton...