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Wednesday morning stuff

Evan Grant talks about the health issues with the rotation this spring, although he also indicates that the rotation looks like it is pretty well set at this point. Grant says that, with Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla both looking like they should be ready to go to start the season despite some minor injury issues this spring, the only switch from the expected rotation to start the season is Luis Mendoza stepping in for Brandon McCarthy.

Grant has a couple of quotes from folks praising Mendoza's performance this spring:

"He doesn't pitch scared, and he knows what he's doing," Millwood said of Mendoza. "It's nice to see a young guy step in there and look like he belongs. I wouldn't want to be the guy waiting on him to mess up because I don't think he will."

Said McCarthy, ostensibly the guy who would be waiting on Mendoza: "I'm fully expecting when he gets to the big leagues that he's not going back. I hope he makes it tougher than hell for me to get my spot back."

Grant also says that Sidney Ponson appears headed to AAA as "catastrophe insurance," and that Scott Feldman may be joining him in the Oklahoma rotation, with the team planning on Feldman pitching as a starter in the minors if he doesn't make the major league bullpen out of camp.

Ponson says he thinks the chances of him making the rotation are 50/50, but unless someone else gets hurt, I'd put it at less than that.

Jeff Wilson has a write-up in the S-T on 5 Rangers top prospects, along with some quotes from the prospects and some players about each of the prospects.

And the S-T's notes from today include Gerald Laird's top 5 Ranger golfers...