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Thursday a.m. things

Or maybe Thursday very early afternoon things...

Evan Grant's story this morning is less than great news on the injury front...Eddie Guardado hurt his knee on a pitch yesterday, and there's some thought that the mound may be causing some problems. Also, Milton Bradley won't play until next week at the earliest, and may not play the outfield at all this spring.

The one silver lining regarding Bradley is that, if he has to start the season on the d.l., it buys a little more time for Jason Botts, who one would think would be able to stick on the roster in that case.

Evan Grant expands on his earlier Jason Botts comments.

Here's the thing, to me...focusing on whether or not Botts can drive in runs is a red herring. If he hits, he'll be productive. If he doesn't hit, he's not. And if he hits, he'll get his share of runs home.

Tim Cowlishaw says the rotation is a problem. But he also acknowledges something that I've been saying for a while...if you get the 2006 version of Millwood, Padilla, and Jennings, you've got a pretty solid 1-2-3. If you get the injured, 2007 versions, you've got a disaster in the rotation.

And in the S-T, Jeff Wilson talks about the bond Josh Hamilton and Milton Bradley have formed.