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Saturday morning stuff

Evan Grant notes this morning that, while Kason Gabbard is getting hammered, at least he's healthy...

That's sort of a novel concept at this point for the Rangers rotation members, although only Brandon McCarthy looks like he won't be ready at the start of the season. Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla apparently will be ready to go at the start of the season, although they've had their own issues, while Jason Jennings -- six months removed from elbow surgery -- doesn't have his velocity where he wants it to be.

Sidney Ponson is apparently going to get a closer look, competing with Luis Mendoza for the right to fill in for McCarthy in the first month or so of the season. Ponson has generated something of a freakout among Rangers fans, it appears, but really, I am not terribly bothered by it. He's a temporary option, he wouldn't be blocking anyone who is kicking down the door (and I do think Mendoza could use some more time in the minors), and the Rangers can cut him loose when the time comes.

Anthony Andro breaks down the backup outfield options...Jason Botts gets some praise from Jon Daniels for how he's played this spring, while Andro says that Kevin Mench would be the "wise choice" if the Rangers want a proven commodity.

Of course, the question that Andro doesn't ask is...why would a rebuilding team with two guys who are out of options go, instead, with a "proven commodity" in a platoon role? Particularly when that "proven commodity" can be stashed in AAA to start the season, as insurance in case someone gets hurt or doesn't perform?

Gil LeBreton says that counting on Milton Bradley is an iffy proposition. He also says the sun rises in the east.

Of note, though, Ron Washington says that Milton Bradley will definitely play in the outfield this spring. It sounds like the plan is for Bradley to DH in a few more minor league games -- he had 6 plate appearances in a minor league game yesterday -- and then DH in some major league games.