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Sunday morning things

Well, some good news on the pitching front...Mark Conner is happy with the performances of Kevin Millwood, Joaquin Benoit, and C.J. Wilson from yesterday. All threw in a minor league game, and Conner feels that they are all on track to be good to go for the start of the season.

Tim Cowlishaw says Ian Kinsler could be the Rangers' next 30/30 player. I think that's unlikely, mainly because I think it is going to be tough for him to get 30 steals in a season, but I think he's establishing himself as an upper-echelon second baseman, and I'm excited to see what he's going to do this season.

Gil LeBreton is grousing about Eric Hurley not being in the Rangers' Opening Day rotation.

Here's the problem...LeBreton, and others that keep harping on this issue, point to, say, Kason Gabbard's spring ERA, or compare Hurley to someone like Luis Mendoza, and say, "Hurley has out-pitched this guy, so he's earned the job."

But as I keep pointing out, that mentality is how we ended up with Matt Kata on the 25 man roster instead of Marlon Byrd. Who wins a job isn't dependent just on what a player does in spring training.

And that's particularly true when you are talking about one of the Rangers' top prospects, a guy who the organization expects to be a key contributor for a long time. The question becomes, what is best for Eric Hurley's development, for him have to balance that against the question of who you think is going to perform the best for what you hope is just 2 or 3 starts before Brandon McCarthy is ready to return.

You know, maybe Hurley is the guy. But he struggled after moving up to AAA last season, and it may make more sense for his long-term success to let a lower-ceiling guy like Luis Mendoza, or a retread like Sidney Ponson, or even someone like Robinson Tejeda, fill in for a few weeks and let Hurley work on what he needs to work on in AAA.

I think Eric Hurley is going to be a significant part of the Rangers' team over the next 6-7 years. But that's why it is so important to put what is best for him, long-term, first.

T.R. Sullivan says that the Electrician has won the long reliever job. I don't get the fascination with him among the coaching staff, and I am at a loss as to why he'd stick ahead of some of the other contenders for the bullpen.

With no 5th starter needed until April 12, I have to assume that there will be an 8 man bullpen for the first week plus of the season, so someone will stave off elimination for a little while, but I don't know why Kam Loe or Robinson Tejeda wouldn't end up with the long relief job ahead of Wright.

Sullivan also has some notes that focus on some minor leaguers, and talks about Scott Servais implementing an organizational philosophy of not allowing free bases...