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This is dumb

Jeff Conine is signing a one day contract with the Marlins. This is so he can retire a Marlin.

I think that's really dumb.

Now, is it as dumb as the amount of attention that has been generated by Hank Steinbrenner running his mouth, or Billy Crystal suiting up with the Yanks for spring training, or Dave Duncan whining that his wittle boy is being unfairly cwiticized for taking out a middle infielder, or Joe Girardi's tantrum over his catcher getting hurt while blocking the plate?

Probably not. But that stuff is all Yankees-related, and much of the Yankees-related furor is inherently dumb. I don't really count that.

People signing one day contracts so they can "retire a fill-in-the-blank" is stupid, to me. I thought so when Eugene Lockhart did it back in the day with the Cowboys, and I still think so now.